Saturday, May 7, 2011

Modern Inventions

Donald Duck visits a museum of modern inventions; among the inventions he struggles with: a robot butler who keeps taking his hat; a package wrapping machine; a robot nursemaid; an automated barber chair.

Modern Inventions

Modern Inventions

Donald Duck goes to a museum of modern inventions. After getting in without paying, he meets a robot butler who takes Donald's hat every time he sees him. Donald is very annoyed by this and magically fixes himself a new hat every time this happens and strolls on. Ignoring the sign not to touch it, Donald starts playing with a wrapping machine and ends up being wrapped himself. He also encounters and tries out a robot nursemaid and a fully automa! tic barber chair. They both don't do him much good. Written by Marco van Hoof <>

Donald Duck decides to go into the Museum of Modern Marvels. He immediately exploits the weakness in automation by using a quarter on a string to get through the turnstile without really paying. Once inside, he tangles with a robot butler who insists on taking his hat, while Donald frustrates him by repeatedly producing a new hat, of different varieties, out of thin air. The next invention he sees is a Hitch-Hiker's Aid: "It works while you sleep." It proves to be a robot that does the work of sticking out its thumb for you. Other exhibits are a Bundle-Wrapper, a Robot Nurse Maid and an Automated Barber. Donald gets in trouble with them all. Written by J. Spurlin

Genres: Comedy Family Animation Short

Release year: 1937

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