Monday, May 16, 2011


Young Hindu girl, living in England, flees to London to escape the wrath of her father after her romance with a Muslim boy has come out. There she discovers what it means to be free.



A tense thriller which deals with differences in values and moral, set in the Asian communities of Accrington and Manchester. The 17 year old Bengal girl Shikha is the oldest of three daughters in a very patriarchalic family. In the sixties, lots of East Indians came to Manchester to work in the manufacturing industry. Shikha's father "Baba" is tied to a wheelchair, due to an accident in the industry, but this doesn't prevent him from keeping his family in a firm grip. Shikha is his favourite daughter, and he expects her to do what he decid! ed: study at the University to become a doctor. Baba's beliefs about Shikha are suddenly spoilt, as she is found in a deserted factory together with her Muslim boyfriend Imran (played by Ravi Kapor). Baba feels that Shikha has betrayed him and gets Anil, a relative of the family, to beat her up, then locks her in her room and forbids her to visit school. Shikha's mother can't argue with her husband but takes a brave step when she helps Shikha to escape to a new life of her own. Shikha travels to London and finds shelter in a woman's refuge. Little does she suspect that her father's need to contain and frustrate her life is not over. Baba wants her daughter back at any cost and asks Anil to trace her. When Shikha wants her freedom, the Bounty Hunter wants her dead. Written by Mikael Uhlin


Release year: 1995

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