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Pursuit to Algiers

Holmes is recruited to escort the heir to a European throne safely back to his homeland after his father's assassination.

Pursuit to Algiers

Pursuit to Algiers

Holmes and Watson on a transatlantic ocean liner escorting Nikolas, heir to a foreign throne. Also on board are a number of assassins, plotting against their sovereign. Written by Herman Seifer <>

Holmes and Watson are recruited in a serpentine fashion to escort the heir to a European throne back to his native country following his father's assassination. Because the prince has been educated in Great Britain, Holmes persuades him to masquerade as Watson's nephew Nic! olas on a ocean liner bound for Algiers. Unfortunately the ship is filled with red herrings as well as real assassins, and Holmes is challenged to outwit them all and deliver his charge to his destination. Among the suspects are a knife-throwing circus performer, two shadowy archaeologists, a hulking deaf mute, an enigmatic ship's steward, a chanteuse with a mysterious song case, and a gun-toting British dowager. Written by Gabe Taverney(

Sherlock Holmes is hired by the Prime Minister of a foreign country to safely return the new king who has been living in England incognito and must now take the throne upon his father's death. The old King was assassinated and they fear for the young King's life. The original plan was to fly the young man home but through trickery, Holmes arranges for passage on a ship to Algiers. Once aboard, it is clear that assassins are present and Holmes passes off the young man as Dr. Watson's nephew. Th! e assassins bungle their repeated attempts to assassinate the ! King and Holmes has his own deception to get him safely to his final destination. Written by garykmcd

Genres: Adventure Crime Mystery

Release year: 1945

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